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Actors talking about the synthesizer bass

And.Ypsilon (Die Fantastischen Vier)

Boris Blank (Yello)

Immanuel Brockhaus plays the The Ribbon Controller / Moog Modular

Sequential Curcuits Prophet 5 on Midnight Stars "Operator", 1984

Bernie Worell (Funkadelic) playing the Minimoog

David Foster (Michael Jackson, Earth, Wind & Fire, Whitney Houston) playing Minimoog

Steve Porcaro (Toto) explaining synth bass synthesis on the  Minimoog

Moog Synthesizer Bass Examples:

In the following videos, Immanuel Brockhaus programmed and played bass sounds on different Moog Models: The Moog Modular, the Minimoog, the Micro Moog, the Prodigy, the Realistic, the Rogue and the Source. The videos show the sound specific characters of each model in direct comparison. The examples were recorded at Sythorama Luterbach, Switzerland in June 2016.

The Minimoog (1970)

The Micromoog (1975)

The Prodigy (1979)

The Source (1981)

The Rogue (1981)

The Realistic (1981)

Marco Basci

Maurice 'Pirhanahead' Herd

Various Examples of the Bass Synthesizer  Sound