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History and development of the Auto-Tune Effect

Chronological sound examples showing different uses of Auto-Tune, from subtile in the background vocals to bold in the lead vocals. Mostly, Auto-Tune is used in vocal singing, rarely in speech (Kesha "Tik Tok")

Faith Hill "The Way You Love" - 2001

Sean Kingston "Beautiful Girls" - 2007

Lil Wayne featuring Static Major "Lollipop" - 2008

Rihanna "Disturbia" - 2009

Kanye West "Heartless" - 2009

Jamie Foxx featuring T-Pain "Blame It" - 2009

Jason Derulo "Whatcha Say" - 2009

The Black Eyed Peas "Just Can't Get Enough" - 2011

Jeremih featuring 50 Cent "Down On Me" - 2011

Pitbull featuring T-Pain "Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor)" - 2011

Kesha "Tik Tok" - 2010

Chris Brown "Forever" - 2008

This diagram shows the increasing popularity of Auto-Tune in the late 2000 years reaching a peak in 2010.