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The Synthesizer Pad

The dominance of synthesizer sounds in pop music is obvious. The pad sound is a very common sound, mostly used in the background of a pop song.


Sound Examples of Synthesizer Pads

Soft or Warm Pads -  These pads are used like a legato string sound

1984 – Cindy Lauper "Time After Time"

1986 – Mr.Mister "Broken Wings"

1988 –  Whitesnake "Is This Love"

1988 – Richard Marx "Hold On To The Nights"

1990 - Sinéad O'Connor "Nothing Compares 2 U"

1990 - Phil Collins "Another Day In Paradise"

2010 - Eminem "Not Afraid"

Phasing Pads -  Pad sounds wtith a phasing effect

1986 - Madonna "Live To Tell"

1986 - Pet Shop Boys "Westend Girls"

Moving Pads - Pad sounds with changing filters and resonance

1983 - Styx "Mr.Roboto"

Sweeping Pads - Pad sounds with filter sweeps

1982 - Dazz Band "Let It Whip"

1997 - Savage Garden "I Want You"

Choir Pads - Pad sounds with a choir sound

1982 - Foreigner "Waiting For A Girl Like You"

1994 - Enigma "Return Of Innocence"