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The Scratch sound

Scratching has become a sonic signature of Hip Hop Music.

The single scratch sound or scratch sample in mainstream pop music often deserves as reference to hip hop.

Historically seen, scratching is not a hip hop invention or domain. It was used by experimental artists like William Burroughs or Christian Marclay before and after the advent of Hip Hop Music.

sound examples of scratch sounds in Hip Hop music

sound examples of scratch sounds in non-Hip Hop songs

sound examples of scratch sounds in R&B songs

individual use of scratching

sound examples of scratch sounds as cliche: fill ins and interventions.

Historical and experimental sound examples of scratching

Christian Marclay 1981 - 1989 "Jukebox Capriccio"

William Burroughs "Sound Piece" 1960 (Break Through In Grey Room)

Herbie Hancock - Future Shock,  "Rockit", 1986. The classical instrumental featuring scratching.


Da Brat "Funkdafied" (1994)

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince "Summertime" (1991)

Nelly featuring St. Lunatics "Air Force Ones" (2003)

Neeneh Cherry "Buffalo Stance" 1989

Die Fantastischen 4 "Plattenspieler" (1992)

Salt 'n' Pepa "Shoop" (1994)

Onyx "Slam" (1993)

Will Smith "Wild Wild West" (1999)

Missy Elliott "Work (2003)

Nelly feat. Keith Rowland  "Dilemma" (2002)

Mariah Carey "Honey" (1997)

Marc Morrison "Return Of The Mack" (1997)

Mase feat. Total "What You Want" (1998)

Christina Aguilera "Come On Over" (2000)

Bruno Mars "The Lazy Song" (2011)

Hanson "MMMbop" (1996)

Linkin Park "One Step Closer" (2000)

scratching in alternative Hip Hop

Crazy Town "Butterfly" (2001)

Smash Mouth "All Star" (1999)

Robert Swift - The Ablist (1999) "All That Scratching Makes Me Rich"